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Get and convert each shopping path to a profitable solution of your compnay 

working with a supplier

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Read shelf picture with numbers

Set your strategic brand or SKU on a shelf

Set the planogram according to your strategy

set up the planogram as a negotiating tool in the annual agreements with the retailer

Learn the category's performance on the shelf

Negotiate the assortments' space share based on market share and FSI (fair share index)

Get the brand value

Imprinting current shelf situation within a retailer as picture, using a pro planogram software , enabling us to convert it and read it in numbers. A feature that can work as an internal evaluation of our shelf position while being a major negotiating tool in every business meeting with the retailer, claiming the brand's dynamic within the category


Create a sales story by category which will be our main shelf strategy.


Creating merchandising standards for internal use in which the sales team will be trained.


Category leadership

Category leadership

Blue pencil and white pencil on blue pas

Get Category planogram/ retailer.  Implementing a corporate category planogram can lead to a growth of 5% - 35% (average) in absolute sales.


Be key supplier partner for the retailer.

Market share analyses


Analyse market share based on planogram approach

Get most of your planograms through our integrate aproach
Empty Shopping Cart for buyer, parked in

Retailab working


a pro planogram software solution 

in order to deliver 

official and well

analyse planograms

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