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Quant Software Solution

Retailab is an official distributor in the Greek Market 

Quant is a cloud solution for the management of retail space, product categories, planograms, shelf labels, automatic ordering and store photo documentation developed by ExTech s.r.o. since 2003..


Quant features:

–  Integrated Floor Plans / Integrated solution for Space & Category management based on store sales including equipment evidence and photo documentation.

–  Planograms/ Quant generates thousands of planograms based on user-defined templates, sales, and other store specifics.

–  Planogram Analyses / Quant offers a countless range of analyses

–  Shelf edge labels / SELs management integrated with planograms reduces printing costs and saves staff time.

–  Communication/ anywhere for everyone. All responsible parties are connected via chat functionality. Blog functionality 

(announcing news about products or other developments), Polls (can be used for surveys)

–  Cloud Support / WebloginQuant can be accessed by different users via web login.  Different user roles can have different content: Store staff can access normal planograms and give comments about difficulties or feedback if it was implemented. 

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Refrigerated Goods

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