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Do you wonder on how to set up your shopits category

and the element within?

Are you getting the maximum of your store space?

Which are the categories you should be focused on?

Does your shop have dead space?

Does your store build "buy momentum"?

How long does it take your shoppers to spend one euro ?

What type of shoppers do you have?

Visitor or shopper?

Do your store's strategic areas focus on growth?



Could you read  shelf picture as a number?

Where is your strategic brand or SKU?

Does this category planogram meet your business goals?

How is the category performing

Is that part of your annual contract with your supplier and how you manage this ?

Is the category range/ assortment right?

Has each subcategory or brand a FSI (fair share index)

Consumer decision tree, is that followed in your planograms




RetaiLab specialized in retailing


Target: Suppliers and Retailers that want a structured merchandising approach


Mission: Get and convert each shopping path to a profitable merchandising solution for your company


Values: An honest partnership with our clients, based on trust, open mindset and win – win approach


know how | Theoretical background | Direct approach |

Full of passion | Non stop smiling

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so if you want to monitor at 100% your point of sale, just contact us

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